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DTACC cd for sell
posted by: dtacc1  posted: 11/20/05 03:54:24
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Started in 1999 DTACC formally named Cochran Gangstas recorded their first cd and released it in 2000. All members of DTACC are born and raised in a public housing projects called Cochran located in downtown Saint Louis Missouri and they specialize in rap. Dtacc made a name for themselves from 2000 through 2003 recording 3 cds and performing throughout the Saint Louis area but problems plagued this group members got locked up a DTACC was out of the picture but only for a minute.Now better than ever DTACC signed a publishing deal with BMI and their new cd titled DTACC We're Back would be released by october of 2005. Currently DTACC is looking for management,soundtrack placement and a record deal
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