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Where U At
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genre Hip Hop
album DTACC We're Back
label Cochran Records
credits ricco jones
Started in 1999 DTACC formally named Cochran Gangstas recorded their first cd and released it in 2000. All members of DTACC are born and raised in a public housing projects called Cochran located in downtown Saint Louis Missouri and they specialize in rap. Dtacc made a name for themselves from 2000 through 2003 recording 3 cds and performing throughout the Saint Louis area but problems plagued this group members got locked up a DTACC was out of the picture but only for a minute.Now better than ever DTACC signed a publishing deal with BMI and their new cd titled DTACC We're Back would be released by october of 2005. Currently DTACC is looking for management,soundtrack placement and a record deal
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